Updates for April from Bill Cullen

April 2nd, 2019

Good evening all

Great start to the Essex sections riding season with the well attended Cobwebs & the 1st Wrinkly runs, big thank you to Pauline & Paul along with Clyde & Grace for organizing and leading the runs.

Sunday 7th April Early Easter run
Brian Irwin will be leading this run starting from Tesco car park Maldon. 10 for a 10.30 start.
Further details rng Brian 01376 342885

Wednesday 10th April Club night & Talk
There will a talk titled The Great Essex Earthquake given br Peter Jones
Starts at 8pm

Thursday April 11 till Sunday 15th April Bluebell Camping& Runs Event Lesley Willmore has done a great job putting this event together.
This big event starts with the camp site open on the Thursday followed by a series of runs as detailed in the attached down load & is available on the Sections web site and Main clubs site.

Following your committee decision’s to produce a enamelled lapel badge in celebration of the sections 50th year, our treasurer, John is having some produced, I attach a copy, however the colours have not come out on paper as they will appear on the badge, the badge will be in bright enamel colours including red for the centre. Following my request to the main club for them to support us in our 50th celebrations they have now provided us with a banner, photo attached.

Best regards

Bill Cullen