Update from the Secretary Bill Cullen

January 4th, 2021

On December 8th an email was sent out along with a Facebook page on the section site, unfortunately there was no response with regards to a section member stepping forward to fill the post of section Secretary..

The committee would advise that under the VMCC Constitutional Bye Laws it is mandatory for the Essex section to have a Secretary. Without a section Secretary the section would be deemed not to be part of the VMCC.

The committee would ask you to consider the consequence of this and ask therefore for a volunteer to step forward to take up the role.

This is a summary of the duties expected of a Section Secretary:

1) Administer the section, arranging club nights and programs, pass bills etc to the Section Treasurer.

2) Keep a record of the Section Committee meetings

3) Keep records of all section related correspondence

4) Organise or advises on the organisation of suitable insurance and permits for events (well in advance of the event)

5) Arrange through the general manger suitable insurance if needed for the section trophies.

6) Welcomes new members along with the Chairman.

7) Liaises with the General Manager plus other Sections & outside organisations.

8) Inform the club office of deaths occurring within the Section.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further full support will be on hand.

The committee wishes you all a Happy Healthy Covid Free 2021


Bill Cullen