Section News from the Secretary Bill Cullen

September 23rd, 2020

Good afternoon all

Well what a disappointing year this has been for section runs/club nights etc all being cancelled, but I am sure you will join me in thanking those members that have at least put some runs together under the very trying COVID-19 rules, and as you would have seen Steve Back & John Ruth have arranged another run on the 30th aimed at the memers with the smaller capacity bikes so they can join in with a section run( still 4 places left) please support them if you can.

Dave our chairman has also suggested that some of you members with the more modern bikes that fall within the clubs year ruling, might like a run, if so please let me know so we the committee can discuss the possibility of a run.

I am sure you will realize that club nights at the Bell have been ruled out as it was felt that given the club night average is 25 members the committee felt that social distancing could not be maintained safely, within the Bell.

Being ever an optimist I have now completed a Essex section proposed runs, club nights & event sheet for 2021. The dates are based on the dates planned for this year and I am hoping that all of you that had volunteered to organize a run/event this year will come forward to do them next year, fingers crossed we all would have been vaccinated from the dreaded COVID-19 by the start of 2021 or at least by the start of the riding season!!

Whilst the dates on the events sheet are shown these can be changed should you wish to add a run etc on another date please let me know and I can change the date to suit you. Remember that it is your support that makes the  VMCC Essex survive therefore lets make 2021 a very busy one for us.

Regards to you all

Bill Cullen