R 69 S Jim Patten

May 31st, 2020

Bought from the archivist of Jaguar Cars, a keen BMW man. He’d owned it for 25-years after sourcing it from California. Lovely oil rag condition. Somehow I slipped into ownership and would have been happy riding it as it was. But then somebody mentioned the dreaded oil-slingers to me. Apparently these need cleaning at around 40,000 miles or if the bike had been laid up. Another owner said he didn’t bother and just ran the bike. When asked how it went, ‘ran the roller bearing big-end’ was his reply. Nothing for it then, had a complete strip down on our hands. Most members will know what that means, everything single nut and bolt. New wiring harness, re-chrome, etc. Even had the original BMW wheel rims plated rather than go with repro. Engine is nothing like a Triumph. Close on £300 for special tools, plus fabricating others. Looks good in the bike shed!

First pic is from the garage in California (looks like a blue E-type next to it. Coincidentally, same colour as ours)
Second is the finished machine
I still have the Wixom screen and panniers

Stay chilled