March Section Notes

March 9th, 2018

With the first run of the year (new years day) very well attended and now just a memory, we can hope that the rest of the year is as successful. The next club ride, Cobwebs, will be on the 11th March, not the 18th as stated in the journal. We are looking forward to seeing all the rebuilds and refurbs and some new acquisitions even. The section AGM is now out of the way with all the posts filled (just) and with a strong but small committee things are looking good for the year. Our  resident auto jumblers, Clyde and Grace Cardy, who many of you know, are giving up the jumble scene, we’ll see more of them on our Sunday rides. We have 14 club rides through this year, some mid week, all with good weather of course and a club night once a month. It’s all there for the taking.


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