Latest Section Notes from The Chairman

October 16th, 2020

With the failure of last months section notes I thought I’d write this for the three of you that read it. As you know we have had a number of club rides including a specific ride for girder forked bikes. All the rides were up to the capacity of the rules in place and we made the best of the lovely weather at the time. I do feel we should have followed up quickly with some more rides before the rains came. The proposed ‘up to 200cc run’ floundered for a number of reasons. I believe it took the owners of tiddler bikes by surprise, there are quite a few out there but not many were ready to go plus the weather was not looking so good for the day. Maybe up to 250cc would have been a better idea. Thanks to John and Steve for standing by to run this.

The committee have tried to keep the section knitted together via Facebook, the web page and email. This doesn’t suit everyone but it is a sign of the times ( a bit like when telescopic forks came along ). Within the data protection laws secretary Bill has about 180 emails to work with but they may or may not be members if they have not re-joined. If you are feeling a bit left out it might be worth getting your grandchildren to get you connected. 

Wishing Allan Matthews a speedy recovery from a recent injury caused by sticking his fingers into the propeller of his model aircraft while the motor was running, ouch ! No damage was done to the plane.

The other  Allan, Williams this time has been invited to ride in the London to Brighton Old Crocks Run. This is normally a car event but selective motorcycles have had an invite to participate. Allan will be riding the latest 1904 Kerry. Why not go on route to cheer him on or even give him a push up the hills.

I’m a member of the AA as you might be. They quote, ” eight out of ten cars are repaired at the road side”. What they don’t say is, ” no motorcycles are repaired at the roadside”. Paul Selleck’s Bonneville got a puncture on one of our rides. After many obstacles and  six hours later he arrived home. Simon Enticnap’s  Dominator broke an oil union, he waited a mere five hours. I put diesel in my KTM and was charged £200 to pump it out even though I’m a Gold Member. My daughter put petrol in her diesel car and £200 again, she’s a Gold Member. Those insured with Carol Nash with breakdown cover got picked up promptly. Dave Bradley when his BMW R50 threw its ignition points and bob weights out. Dave Overy when his much ridden Triumph T100 jettisoned its oil, only waited a short while to be recovered. I’m sure they managed better when they had BSA M20’s and sidecars ?

You too can email Paul Fletcher and write something here. With greater Lockdown measures being introduced you might not have quite the same freedom to ride your bike but I’m sure you have some experience to share. Come on all three of us want to hear it, 

Dave Iszard