July Section notes

October 31st, 2017

May Club night was a showing of DVD’s supplied by Paul Fletcher of some amusing and instructional subjects related to motorcycling appreciated by all. The main event of May was the Eric Hodkinson Memorial Run. This was aimed at the pre-31 machines that Eric loved but later machines also competed. The run was of some 70 miles with stops for coffee and lunch. Eric’s 1926 Royal Enfield combination was ridden by Paul Fletcher with Pauline in the chair. Some very interesting 1920’s American machines were also there along with members from other sections. The trophy was awarded to Ken Lee on his 1928 Excelsior. The main criteria for the trophy appears to be the bushiness of the beard reminding us again of Eric’s facial hair. Thanks to all who organised and especially to Alan Williams for the use of his garden and endless supply of tea at the finish.