Honda CX 500 follow up from David Bradley

April 28th, 2020

Noisy CX500 follow up

As a follow on from my Noisy  CX500 write up I have added a few more photo’s of the strip down and fixes.

The early CX’s were at the fore front of fitting disc brakes to road going motorcycles and as such any improvements over twin leading shoe drum brakes was only marginal at best. In the wet they were worse than drum brake. There was, and still is on the on the original stainless steel discs, a few seconds delay before much happens whilst the brake pads wipe the rain water from the disc surface. The original 1978 brake pads even had several deep grooves in them to help wipe the water off. Modern disc and pad materials have by and large overcome this wet weather problem. With this in mind I decided to fit a pair of new after market discs and pads purchased from Davis Silver. It turns out though that the discs are made by a local company called All Bike Engineering, based in south London.  At the time of writing I have no actual idea whether they are any improvement over the original Honda discs. Although purchased a while ago I did not fit them until the mystery noise (loose pipe in exhaust collector box) had be cured and by then the “sixty’s rockers brigade”  had been confined to barracks by Boris. So for now the jury is out but at least they look the business.

There are other photo’s on the GALLERY PAGE one of which shows the “final version” of Honda’s cam chain guide plate support bracket, taken before being removed during the strip down. The others show the very worn cam chain. The water pump seal hole now resized and the plug gauge used for checking the fit. A very badly corroded air box and battery support bracket, prior to preparing for painting. The frame ready for painting. The surgery to look inside the exhaust collector box (showing the internal crossover pipes). The dodgy welding on the patched up collector box and the new front disc brakes.