Further details and lunch menu for Mark Wilsons Run 5th May 2019

April 29th, 2019

With regards to the start, the owner of the ground @ Battlesbridge has given me permission to use the Granary Car Park, which is next to the Barge Inn as a meeting place for the start. I will need every ones name & registration number of their vehicle to be allowed on to the island. A friend will be leading the group off the island as I will be the last person to leave, at their request. This will be @ 1pm, prompt!
Along the route are road works, some of which might be finished by the 5th of May.

I will lead the run to Foulness where riders might want to take something to stand their bike on, as not all of the car park is of hard standing & then once my friend has lead every one off the island I will take over. From leaving the island we will go to the Shorehouse Pub, which is one from the Harvester chain. Menu enclosed.
I have booked tables for 50 people for 1.15pm.
NB, if there are lots of riders? Then I have been asked by the MOD people on the Island Of Foulness to either get the riders to remember a number or easier I will stick a easily peel able piece of paper with a number on to each riders bike. It’s a bit of a faff, but they want to check every one is off the Island when we leave.
Another update, when you go into the pub, you will need to put your registration number into a machine, otherwise you may get a parking ticket sent to you.

Regards Mark Wilson. VJMC Coordinator
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