December Newsletter from Secretary Bill Cullen

December 8th, 2020

Good afternoon all.

As this unprecedented year is drawing to a close we can at least have some positivity byway of the news that the vaccine is now rolling out to the most vulnerable. Although I suspect we will still have to wait several months before resuming normal(whatever that will be) in 2021.

You will be aware that I put together the proposed runs/events sheet for 2021 and I am pleased that members have come forward to put their names  forward for runs @ the Bluebell event, I have attached a copy of the updated sheet, please contact me if you would like to add your name to lead a run or event etc.

Traditionally the section holds. a New Years Day run, I am pleased to advise that the section Chairman Dave along with our Treasurer John are prepared to hold this run of course it would be nice if we could make it 3 runs, it will be run under the Covid-19 ruling at the time, which at the present  standing is no more than 5 riders plus the leader starting from 2/3 different starts. I am looking into the possibility of the runs ending at the same finishing point. Please let me know if you would like to take place and  be added to the list. Once known if the runs will be viable full details will be sent out to those participating.

With the AGM being held in January when the committee stands down, it has been suggested the section is trying a Skype/zoom meeting!!  The committee will discuss this however please let me know your thoughts and  advice from you computer experts on how we could?

As you are aware the present committee is:

Chairman Dave Iszard

Treasurer John Beckinsale

Secretary Bill Cullen

Section Members/ Paul Fletcher/ Mark Spearman & GeorgeSmith.

All have advised that they’re prepared to restand if the members wish so, apart from myself who will be standing down from the Secretary’s post.  

We will of course need a member to nominate a name for the position of Chairman/Treasurer/ and new Secretary; this will also apply to the section members of the committee. Please let me know who you wish to nominate with your name & current membership number. 

I will require those nominations by the latest beginning of January, once known I will publish this to the members & ask for seconders. Sorry this newsletter is a bit long winded. 

Best regards and I wish you and your families a Healthy Happy Christmas and a Very good safe New Year