Chairmans Report

October 30th, 2018


It’s been a good year for our section with fourteen runs over mid week and weekends. We also enjoyed excellent club nights with interesting speakers and the Noggin and Natter nights have almost become a thing of the past. We have a small but effective committee who have made efforts to keep the section busy. Out of any team we shouldn’t single out anyone as being better than the others but personally speaking Bill Cullen has  been an excellent  secretary, on the ball and quick to pass out any information. While Bill is willing to stand for secretary again ( I hope ) for 2019 he wont be upset should someone else want to take the job. There is about four hundred members in the Essex section, don’t let it fall to the same old few each year, we need your help however small.

This year we lost a couple of our premier events because no one was willing to run them. The camping week, alternating between Hedingham Steam Railway and the Museum of Power. The Colne Valley Run, both events that drew in other sections and largely organised by Gill who took it over from her dad Leo. This year Paul, Pauline, Roger and Heather with helpers took on the Bluebell weekend organising the ride outs, fish and chips and evening meals. Leslie Willmore has taken on the Bluebell for 2019 and I understand has sorted the routes already, lets not leave it to her and volunteer some help. We have blank spaces on our 2019 runs sheet. If you can lead a ride we would like you to step up, it’s not difficult. Maybe you can team up with a friend and plot a route, it’s good fun. Also, should you know of a suitable speaker for club nights we would like to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be motor cycle related, just interesting.

The bikes out on the rides this year have been a joy to see. Some fabulous restorations and some great old well maintained survivors. The majority of the bikes have been within the 25 year rule and in my humble opinion there should have been a cut off date somewhere, 1980 perhaps. I don’t think Fireblades ect have a place in the VMCC. It would seem the classic period is best represented but don’t be put off by coming on anything older

I have no doubt the 2019 runs diary will fill and 2019 will bring fantastic weather. Use the web site, get the face book page. Don’t sit at home waiting for the grim reaper, come out to play.

Dave Iszard

Essex VMCC chairman