Chairmans Report. What we did in May

May 28th, 2018

Sunday May 6th. I’ve never been that bothered to do the Founders Day Rally and for two previous rallys John Allen has asked me to accompany him. Banking on me not coming he asked John Beckinsale, Paul Fletcher and Dave Bradley. Not wanting to miss the party I decided to join in.  Now I can’t wait for the next one (in two years time ). Nice biking roads great company and two hundred and a bit miles covered. A nationwide event you can visit as many check points as you wish throughout the day, local to you or further afield. We weren’t the only ones from our section riding the event, Dick and Brian on their Ariels were met at Wymondham and we also saw Roger and Heather at Yoxford in Suffolk. A biannual event you’ve got plenty of time to prepare for the next one.


Wednesday May 23rd. Lesley led us on a most agreeable route without going too far on a mid week evening run. Assembling in Hammonds Lane lay-by near Great Baddow for a 6.30 start, the bikes just kept rolling in. It was looking like a Triumph sell out and then the AJS’s came, some Velocettes came and some BSA’s, a lone Vincent and  a Sunbeam S8. By then we were numbering about thirty (guess), then six of  the AJS/Matchless owners club arrived – – on Triumphs and BSA’s – – well one thought to turn up on a Matchless (he gets a browny point). The ride terminated at The Alma pub at Copford which everyone found to be very welcoming. Food and drink was enjoyed by the many who had set out early and missed their tea time to join the ride. We were largely able to return home before it was necessary to light up the 6 volt candles. For that Lesley gets ‘two’ browny points and Dave O gets ‘one’ for tail ending, as pointed out by Paul, “he does look good in pink”.


Sunday 27th May. The Eric Hodkinson Memorial Ride.  Starting at ten o/c from Alan Williams place at Wickford. An Andy Cook arranged event aimed at primarily getting the pre 1931 bikes out together. All the other club eligible bikes started a bit later with an end over end route led by Paul and Pauline. As with all the other rides we have run this year, regardless of the weather, there has been an excellent turnout. Again 30+ bikes turned up to enjoy the best of weather despite the forecast predicting thunder storms which never happened.

The first coffee stop was at the quaint little Owls Hill tea room at Terling. Tea coffee and cake in the sunshine then on to Coggeshall for lunch. Both establishments cope well with the sudden influx of rowdy pensioners (not all of them rowdy or pensioners). No mechanical casualties but Alan Williams was seen at the side of the road with several advisers fixing the BSA which at 95 years old deserves to get out of puff at times. Youngest bike was Dave O’s 1972 Triumph and the oldest was Ken Lee’s 1913 Indian at 105. A wonderful spread of bikes in between caused a lot of interest with the general public. The ride continued back to Alan’s ranch for afternoon ‘Tiffin’ but myself like many others headed for home. It was a grand day out, I covered 90 miles door to door. Thanks to Andy for the route, Paul and Pauline for leading the end over end and Jim Legg for sweeping up at the back and of course Alan and Pat for letting us use their property as pits.

We are doing ‘stuff’ in June, don’t get left at home.

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Apparantly Alan was plagued by ANTS all day as it was an ANT in his main jet that caused the bike to play up and even when he missed a right turn by The Beehive Pub on the way back it was because he was distracted by Antirrhinums and then anticipating he had gone wrong he made his own route up.