Chairman`s Report Update

August 3rd, 2021
Alan Williams with his 1904 Quadrant

With the Covid restrictions lifted I would like to think we can get back to normal club activities. The next club night is on the 11th August and is a Noggin & Natter night. We will use that to gauge future attendance so we can rearrange the speakers that have been on hold for nearly two years. The last few ‘limited number’ rides have been successful and we are now looking to branch out with some Sunday rides to cater for those people that are still waiting to enjoy retirement ( best job ever).

On the 14th July Paul Fletcher led a ride of 17 members ending at The Bell for the club night. We then had a vote for the best bike ‘in your opinion’ which was won by Paul Weston’s Sunbeam gaining a red rosette which nicely matched his eyes. Clyde Cardy got a blue rosette for his very nice Vincent Comet and prospective member Jeff Dunn got the yellow rosette for his late 20’s AJS. All presented by our venerable President Ray Spearman. John Beckinsale has a  gem of an  AJS model 18 but the tube gave out and he suffered a rear wheel puncture at 8 pm. Good old AA only took 4 hours to recover him back home seven miles away.

The Museum of Power hosted their ‘Motorcycle Day’ ( 1st August) and by mistake they granted us a rather large plot. I was rather worried we would look a bit thread bare but enough members turned up to fill it quite nicely. Dave Bradley brought his Classic racing Triumph outfit which generated a lot of interest. It also doubled as a photo prop with kids and parents alike taking pictures in a racing pose. Alan Williams brought his 1904 Quadrant and won the best Veteran/Vintage class award. He proudly rode it to the winners enclosure when it ‘cut out’. The Quadrant has a much higher saddle than Allan’s inner leg which resulted in Allan toppling into a group having a picnic on the grass. There were no injuries but Allan needed to apologise for dropping in. John Beckinsale won best classic post war for his BSA Golden Flash having been restored from a totally burned out wreck.  So two awards for The Essex section VMCC from a field of hundreds of bikes. Congratulations to both.  Thanks to all the members who nicely showcased our club from the 1904 Quadrant to the 80’s Triumph. 12 manufacturers were represented in all. A good turnout on a day that threatened to be showery

Secretary Simon has had a task of sorting out our emailing and membership list which quite frankly was in tatters. This was not the result of previous secretaries but inadequate information from HQ. Now all members with an email address will get notifications. Someone on the other side of the world thanking him for the inclusion. However, there is always one, accusing us of being cliquey and suffering the same turmoil as the main club.  A brief investigation showed this member to have contributed nothing over the years. Another criticism was, “we are all about money, we now have to pay for rides and club night fees,” what!  For club rides we chuck a £1 pound into a pot, voluntarily, you don’t have to. On club nights we chuck in a heady £2. This goes to club funds. Through a normal year this makes a modest amount which pays for trophies / awards, a BBQ and Christmas fare, any surplus goes to a chosen charity. Pay £8000 for a bike, resent putting a couple of quid in a pot to support your club. All about money, I’ll let you judge. We are not above criticism so long as its constructive.  

We need new young members ( doesn’t all clubs). The 25 year cut off is currently 1996 which means an awful lot of Japanese bikes qualify. We would like to see them join in, many of us have them. I can understand you not wanting to bring your 1986 GSXR along and have its arse whipped by my 1954 Velocette ( joke ) If there is enough interest we can cater for specific periods. We also need people to take on rides as there is currently only a small handful of us doing it at the moment. You can always buddy up with someone, it’s quite rewarding.

HQ, the main body of the club appears to be getting its act together and has not made any financial losses over a period. It seems a small number of unsung members have carried on regardless with day to day business at the office, holding the club together while the big guns get their act sorted. I hope they get credit. 

Whatever club you support, enjoy your motorcycling.


John Beckinsale with his BSA Gold Flash