Chairman`s Report

January 6th, 2020

Hello All,

GENERALLY. I hope you all had a good Christmas break and more importantly have a healthy 2020. As most of us are a certain age there are bound to be health issues and I include myself in that. As a club with club mates we are concerned for each other but you don’t need me to tell you to make the most of your time. The general election is out of the way and soon (hopefully) the exit from Europe will have happened. It would be nice if the main body of the VMCC were to get its self sorted. It’s such a wonderful thing and world wide too, I feel in it’s present form it will always be in turmoil. Political bit over.

COMMITTEE. I would like to thank all the active members of the Essex Section for making 2019 such a success. The committee, small and perfectly formed have worked well together. I would not want to single any one person out but I must say that Bill Cullen is a real corner stone of the section being a brilliant secretary. He doesn’t ride himself at the moment but puts an awful lot into the section all the same.Thankyou to Brian Irwin who is stepping down. His input has been of value even though he modestly shrugs it off. The other committee members have all worked quite hard to arrange the years activities, rides, talks and some static events. It made a full calendar. You could go on a club ride at least once a month, quite often twice, evenings, midweek and weekends.

MEMBERS. We have approaching 400 Essex section members most of which are strangers to us. About 10% regularly attend rides or club nights and I can only surmise the reasons why people would join but not participate. Maybe someone retires from motorcycling but wishes to keep in touch via the ‘Journal’. Maybe someone no longer owns a bike and feels ‘out of it’. Own a bike or not you are more than welcome to come to our club nights or see us off on the rides or even meet us at the lunch / coffee stops. The only request I’d make is don’t all come at once, 370 people wouldn’t fit in The Bell.

TECHNOLOGY. We don’t suffer too much of that here but it does creep in like it or not. Our website, essex _ vmcc will keep you informed and you can buy or sell stuff here (although I’ve had very little success with it myself) All of what you need to know is on this site. Bill also sends out notifications of coming events via email and face book. If you wish to receive our emails you must supply your email address and permission to use it. If you would like to receive Face Book information get your grandchildren to register you on your smart phone. Why grandchildren ? they will do it in five minutes where it might take you the rest of the week, haha !

THE BIKES. The common thing that binds us. While British and European iron still dominates our activities, the Japanese are gradually appearing and in my opinion ‘welcome to the party’. I too have succumbed to the press button brigade but you wont be seeing too much of it, all the while I can start my Velo that’s what I’ll be riding. If it’s a 25 year old Japanese it qualifies. Light weight, electric start, easy to manage, bring it on. And if it’s not 25 years old but you wish to come out with your club you’ll be welcome but obviously we prefer to keep within the rules and don’t forget you will be (good naturedly) ribbed about riding an up to date behemoth.

Dave Iszard