August Section notes

October 31st, 2017

On June the 4th we set off with some 475 years of motorcycling history to travel the lanes of Essex. The five flat tankers were Triumph, BSA, Raleigh, Sunbeam and a Humber displaying maybe the best of 1920’s bikes but certainly some of the most resilient. Belt drive and  chain drive with various engine sizes. We braved the incredible impatience of some of the worst of Essex drivers and also some of the wild life who attempted to outrun the small convoy. Stopping to refuel the riders at Norton Heath cafe we continued on to Great Waltham for a rest at a local hostelry before returning via a different route to Alan Williams home at Brock Hill. The ride was to ensure that Alan’s BSA was up to the Banbury run. The BSA took it all in its stride only breaking one elastic band.