Winter Update

January 4th, 2018
So much has gone on in the Essex VMCC since I last reported I’m not sure where to start. Due to my holiday arrangements I completely missed the camping week held at the Museum of Power, by all accounts it was the usual success with a good attendance from neighbouring centres. Curiously though it was noted that Essex members were thin on the ground. Thankyou’s are in order to the usual members Paul Fletcher, Pauline Hodgkinson, Gill Scetcherd, Roger and Heather Gulliver and I suspect some other members who led the runs.
Over twenty clubs runs were held over the year and most enjoyed good weather with an average turnout of about 25 riders (educated guess). There were runs to suit most age of machine but I would say the majority of bikes fell into the classic era but we mustn’t forget Andy Cook, Ian Johnson Alan Williams and friends who fly the true vintage flag with some wonderful ‘old’ stuff. Brake downs were few, Jim Prior made a mistake of leaving the oil turned ‘off’ on his AJS twin. I’ve yet to hear if he’s repaired it. John Beckinsale’s Rudge broke a rocker feed pipe and deposited the oil along the way. It turned out to be the cylinder was loose putting stress on the pipe. He enjoyed a ride home with a recovery firm. BMW’s never brake down but Dave Bradley’s did. Having fitted a new contact braker set he managed about thirty miles before it stopped. Removing the front engine cover it all fell out in pieces but not before damaging the generator. He also enjoyed a ride home with a recovery firm. There were other minor problems encountered but most made it home under there own steam.
You probably have heard that after many years of ‘auto jumbling’ Clyde and Grace Cardy have called it a day. They were familiar faces at many of the major jumbles selling bikes, spares and service parts and most usefully classic oils. I know that several of you ride bikes supplied by them or have had a trade in or out with them and I believe they will still have the odd bike for sale. Retirement “way to go” (doesn’t that count for most of us ?)
A good turn out of all motor cycles at the Museum of Power in August and a chance to meet old motor cycling friends. Our club and the one make clubs, not forgetting our cousins ‘The Maldon British owners’ all put on a good show with some wonderful bikes to drool over (and some to make you cringe) . A good event but it was seriously begging for a decent attachment auto jumble, come on MOP, an auto jumble next year. There was the mistery of the ‘stolen’ helmet and gloves. Well it was all resolved when they were returned. Someone had picked up someone else’s helmet and gloves and went home wearing them even though they were totally different in colour and style. He later returned them after some 10 into his journey,when his bike broke down, he removed his helmet to see it was black when his own was green, easy mistake ???
November club night we were treated to a fish and chip supper out of club funds and surprise! lots turned up, jolly good it was to. More to come, December club night we will have Christmas fare ‘yum’ and a raffle, see you there.
Club runs for next year are largely catered for but there are still some without a run leader. It’s not to late for you to volunteer, it’s enormous fun and only has to be as long or short as you wish to arrange. If it’s the first time you have lead a run there is help on hand, why not get involved. Don’t want to lead a ride, well just turn up and enjoy a day out with us. It’s always (normally) light hearted and fun with great comradery. 2018 is on the door step, that old bike in the garage needs an outing, call your self a motor cyclist ?
Dave Iszard