Report on New Years Day Run by Dave Iszard

January 6th, 2018
With a wonderful gathering at Writtle Green of some 40 bikes it was quite a surprise as the weather forecast spoke of rain – which incidentally didn’t arrive. Roger and Heather as usual took us out into the country away from the madding crowd on nicely surfaced roads and no dirty lanes. With the salt seemingly washed away by the recent rain we started off on dry roads but that was about to change as we were treated to some of the biggest puddles and wash off from the fields,( goodbye shiny bike).
The coffee stop was at Andrews Field flying club. News came that Phil Clark had been knocked of his Indian. Thinking a car was involved was quickly dispelled when the eye witnesses told of a large dear running from the hedge straight into the side of him. He sustained broken ribs. Obviously we hope he is OK.
All coffee’d up and pee’d out and in some cases wedges of cake consumed. Not for Jim Leg whose BSA sports a Chippendale picnic case from which he produces Earl Grey and cup cakes. John on the Honda monkey bike was seen pulling a one gallon can of petrol from his ruck sack to replenish the tank which only held two mugs of petrol when full.
We readied our selves for the ‘off’. Simon’s Venom was having none of it so we did the time honoured thing of leaving him behind, serves him right for riding a Velocette. John Beckinsale took pity and stayed behind to help him, a new plug got him going. So on to our lunch stop at Boreham where a number of riders chose to continue home, Greg or Leslie ? having lighting problems included. About a dozen of us stayed for lunch and then rode home in sunshine. Simon and John failed to materialise as John picked up a front wheel puncture and returned home via a recovery van. Dave Overy returned home early have not dressed appropriately, he failed to wear long johns and had a draft up his leg all the way to his willy, not nice.
Thanks to a joint effort by Clyde and Grace of back marking we were all kept on route. Clyde having dressed completely in fluorescent yellow was visible from the moon. A good day was had by all (except Phil – and John). Let it be how the rest of the year goes. Happy and healthy new year to you all.