Notice from West South Wales Section VMCC

January 31st, 2018

Clyde Cardy has asked if the following could be circulated re-garding the Saundersfoot Rally in W.S.Wales that he received from Les Thomas the organiser of the ” Saundersfoot “.

Just to let you know there is another S/foot event taking place in June, non VMCC a copy of our’s, run by VMCC members who broke away from our section some years ago & run their own private m/c club here in Pembrokeshire.

Called Pembrokeshire vintage & classic, quite a successful club as many ride modern bikes, so a copy of the original S/foot which is over 62 years old will confuse some probably. It is dirty of them to call it S/foot trial & to use the harbour & same hotel as we do also 3 days as well, they are promoting it at Bristol show shortly. The key figures of their club do their best to undermine our section at all times don’t know why they want to be VMCC members anyway.

Our official event still in September 14-16th, will have to see what happens, there is not a lot we can do but spread the word it’s not the SAUNDERSFOOT as people know of.