News updates for September from the Secretary Bill Cullen

August 31st, 2018

Firstly a welcome to our new section members.

Sunday September 9th.

David Overy will be leading the run which is starting from the Tesco car park @ Maldon, 10 for a 10.30 start

For full details please contact Dave on 01621 893450

Club Night 12th September.

Eddie Carter who due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel his Talk on Model engineering  with exhibits etc during the year However he Is now going to present this to us tonight.

September is the night on which we ask you the members to put your names forward  for organising next year runs & events to enable us to advise of our next years schedule for HQ to publish the booklet at the beginning of 2019.  

If you would like to organise a run please contact secretary Bill Cullen for list of dates available.  admin 

As you will be aware we had no traditional Summer Camping week this year along with no Colne Valley road safety run. It would be great if anyone could pick up this type of event for 2019 and remember the section will pay £75 towards any expenses you may incur.

Wednesday September 19th, Wrinkly Run

Dave Izzard is leading this run starting from Tesco Car Park Maldon. 9.30 for a 10pm start. Please ring Dave on 01621 892206 for details.

Regards Bill Cullen